Those You Know

  • Rides to doctor appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Handyman projects
  • Yard work
  • Check in on them regularly for practical needs
“When a single lady at church broke her wrist, a family from our church went over and did her yard while she recuperated.”
  • Seasonal outdoor help
  • Invite them for dinner
  • Take a meal, unexpected, to a busy family
  • Babysit
"One year, 5 people from our church took one day a week and took a boy to school each morning. His mom had ear/sinus infection problems and could not drive. His dad was taking time off work to get him to school (and losing income), so for a year each person showed up at their house and drove him to school"
Single Parents:
  • Offering to watch children while they shop
  • Take children shopping for Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • Invite them out for girl time/ guy time with pre-arranged and approved child care
  • Remember them on holidays by doing something thoughtful for them
Families of Addicts:
  • Connect with prayer and encouragement
  • Send cards and/or emails
  • Invite them to your home for dinner
  • Go with them to join a support group

Those Around You

Long Term Hospitalized / Palliative Health Issues:
  • Visit them and make regular contact
  • Invite family over for dinner
  • Give gift cards for restaurants near the hospital
  • Create a gift basket with snacks, food, drinks to have in the hospital room
  • Offer to stay with person who is ill for an hour, so the caregiver can take a shower, or go to the store (get out for an hour)
Elderly Neighbor:
  • Remember them on holidays
  • Yard
  • Invite them to your church
  • Teach English as a second language
  • Get to know them. and help them learn about everyday American life and your local community
  • Give out “Blessings bags” with useful items to homeless in your town
  • Give comfort items (blankets, stuffed animals) to the local police to have in their vehicles for children who need aid.
  • Contact your local food pantry or shelter and supply needed items