Widows and Single Parents

When I was a teen I lost my dad to a heart attack. So I grew up with a widowed mom in her 50’s. Since then I have known so many widows, and many single moms and dads.

It is a tough life. My mom always felt she was too young to take part in the retiree groups and too old to be with the young moms. So she was just by herself…all the time. She quit going to church and was in a very dark place. We had appliances that broke and no one to fix them and no income except social security. She was 56 when my dad died and hadn’t worked for a long time. It was tough to find a job with someone willing to train her.

I also have had many friends who were single parents at one point. Trying to juggle job, shopping, school…it is endless. Not only to keep up with a child but also to have any friends or social life.

This was the reason for starting Colossians 3:12 Ministries yet there are little resources out there to encourage this demographic of people. We are still working at trying to design something. All the other areas we have found resources to list but this area has been a challenge.

The goal of Colossians 3:12 is to give people resources so they know how to help and where to look when they see someone in need. Right now after just launching this we have been gathering information but we would like to be able to give help where needed. I have started to have many interested and asking questions. This is great! Our team is expanding and within the next 6 months I “hope” we should be able to offer assistance when someone inquires.